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Great Hill Advisory Scope of Services

While all families needs are unique in terms of their financial planning, here is a broad list of the services we offer:

Personal Financial Statements - We detail out all assets and ownership so you have one place to look to see account balances across many assets.  Most bank and investment accounts update on a nightly basis.

Cash Flow Planning - We work with you to project out income and expenses, then review actual spending on a regular basis.  Having a good understanding of these items allows for better recommendations in other areas of your financial life.

Income Tax Planning - By coordinating with your tax preparer, investment advisors, and factoring earned wages, we are able to make recommendations to provide current year tax benefits and strategies to reduce income taxes over several years.

Investment Review - By consolidating all of your investments on to a single page, broken down by account and asset class and we can provide you with recommendations where we see overlap in investment or under-weighted positions.  We can then coordinate with your other advisors to balance your portfolio to meet your short needs and long term goals.

Estate Administration - Whether your estate plan was completed in the last year or last 20 years, a quick review of the key people should be completed annually.  We also help our clients stay on top of their other estate administration items as well as serve as a resource to their Trustee's.

Household Payroll - As part of our full suite of services we can help clients with their household employee payroll.

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