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Great Hill Advisory was founded on several simple principals.


Investments, Taxes and Estate Planning do not have to be complicated.


While all aspects of our families financial life are interconnected, the planning and associated recommendations do not have to be something only an expert can understand.  We pride ourselves on educating our clients and their families on topics as simple as balancing a check book to advanced topics such as Family Limited Partnerships and Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts.



Having a financial plan is more than a 50 page binder of charts and graphs.


We believe that actions speak louder than words.  Management and implementation are far more important and effective than a binder full of charts and graphs.  We proactively provide our families with relevant financial reports and recommendations, then take the lead in coordinating with the families trusted advisors to implement the recommendations.  Some examples include: providing assistance with annual tax preparation and estate administration, multi-advisor asset allocation changes, and insurance reviews on property and person.  This allows our families to focus on the more important things like spending time with family, donating time to important charities and maintaining their health.


Measure what matters.

For most families very few personal financial items are measured and tracked on an annual basis.  We measure various statistics for our clients to determine if they had a successful year: meeting or exceeding their spending or savings targets, outpacing their anticipated investment return, transferring more assets in an effective manner to the next generation if appropriate, and meeting all charitable wishes.  

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